2024 Young Filmmaker Film Festival

Our Young Filmmaker Venue is Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center. The Young Filmmaker Film Festival is a selection of films submitted by filmmakers who are 18 and younger. While filmmakers from around the globe are welcome to submit, acceptance preference will be given to filmmakers residing in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania. The films in this block are in keeping with the MPAA ratings of G, PG, or PG-13. This showing is not part of the judged competition, and there are no awards for this category.

A  Reason for Hope
Mason Mirabile/VA/US/Young Filmmaker Documentary/4:54
A short documentary focused on the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and how one community is embracing the change and showcasing how to integrate renewable energy into the classroom, with experts from the World Wildlife Fund and an Arlington, VA school administrators and architects.
Beauty World
Fiona Buffington/PA/United States/Young Filmmaker Animation/3:37
A woman visits a plastic surgeon for “just the nose”.
Kennedy Reid/GA/United States/Young Filmmaker Drama/4:01
When two guys seeking quick cash are hired by a vengeful teenager to embarrass a former co-worker, moral conflicts and mayhem ensue.
Adam Boyd/CA/United States/Young Filmmaker Drama/4:25
In 1982, a young boy wakes up one Saturday morning to a disheartening reality: not only is his box of favorite cereal empty, but his TV has no signal and he can’t watch his beloved Saturday morning cartoons. However, hidden in the television static, an unusual and mysterious advertisement catches his attention. It’s for a cereal named “Coo Coo Crunch,” an unheard-of brand that promises an otherworldly experience.

Intrigued and hungry, the boy’s curiosity peaks when, unexpectedly, a free box of this very cereal appears at his doorstep. The sender? Unknown. The boy, unable to resist, opens the box, unknowingly unlocking a portal to a nightmarish dimension.

Sasha Nelson/NJ/United States/Young Filmmaker Drama/15:38
A dystopian, political allegory on the controversial state of the United States education system.
Cons of Collecting Dust
Emma Louise Acritelli/NY/United States/Young Filmmaker Drama/2:12
Upon encountering the household dog, an old stuff animal becomes motivated to venture. Along the way, he finds an old friend.
Detective Corleone and the Case of the Missing Milk Carton
Cole Reed Gustafson/PA/United States/Young Filmmaker Comedy/5:35 
A story film, inspired by Pink Panther the Movie & The Godfather, about a over the top, goofy detective just trying to figure out who finished the milk.
Ebb and Flow
Quinn Yurasek/NY/United States/Young Filmmaker Drama/5:01
Saoirse, a young girl, becomes confronted with the strained relationship with her baby sister, Rosie, when Rosie vanishes from existence. In a world where time and the ocean waves blend together, Saoirse must overcome the past in order to save her present.
I Built a Paper House
Max Benner/PA/United States/Young Filmmaker Art/Experimental/4:38

Eli, a junior, struggling with balancing school and his dream to be an artist, consistently abandons his school. This all comes to an end when Eli finds his school work has constructed a magical paper house.

I Squished Grandpa
Lily Andrews/WA/United States/Young Filmmaker Drama/4:23

Young Rose has a special relationship with her grandpa.  However, when Grandpa goes missing the day after telling Rose an unsettling tale, she believe his disappearance may be her fault.

Laugh Track
Shawn Sims, Jr./PA/United States/Young Filmmaker Arts/Experimental/6:01

About kids acting in a sitcom, and amiss the sitcom they begin to travel a dark and twisted past whilst being forced to stay in character.

Max Rideout/FL/United States/Young Filmmaker Documentary/2:24

An abstraction form trans film student Max Rideout, exploring his personal struggles with himself and the world as a whole.

Nix’s Symphony

Karina Xiao Loerchner/Canada/Animation/6:00
Libelle, Nix’s mother, possessed exceptional abilities. She not only excelled in the fields of science and engineering, but also gained fame as a distinguished inventor and composer. Nevertheless, at a tender age, Nix, an aspiring musician and inventor in her own right, is now burdened with the responsibility of upholding this remarkable legacy.

Tim Wing/PA/United States/Young Filmmaker Drama/20:11

Stevie, a high school student, meets with overnight success with a hit song. He tries to navigate school and friendships, and realizes maybe fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The Darkness Within
Shawn Kite Sims, Jr. & Cole Gustafson/United States/Young Filmmaker Drama/7:45

Story follows a boy named Dre, who’s life is a constant psychological thriller.

When Pigs Fly
Victoria Patience McClure/PA/United States/Animation/1:22

Hector, an optimistic piglet, is determined to achieve an unlikely goal. 

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