2019 Young Filmmaker Film Festival

Our Young Filmmaker Venue is Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center Bravo Mainstage. The Young Filmmaker Film Festival is a selection of films submitted by filmmakers who are 18 and younger. While filmmakers from around the globe are welcome to submit, acceptance preference will be given to filmmakers residing in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania. The films in this block are in keeping with the MPAA ratings of G, PG, or PG-13. This showing is not part of the judged competition, and there are no awards for this category.

A Soft Touch

Jordan Steeds/United Kingdom/Young Filmmaker Drama/1:38 

A Soft Touch is a very simplistic, short and sweet journey into the mind and imagination of a blind child.  We follow his interest in paper planes into his imagination, despite his mother’s concern of wasted paper!

A Sweet Silence
Sophie Emma/US/Young Filmmaker Drama/Female Filmmaker/4:22 
A Sweet Silence is a student made short film about a deaf boy named Eli who falls in love with a girl named Ella.  Follow the footsteps of Young Eli and how he becomes deaf, then follow the music made storytelling of Eli and his steps to achieve Ella’s love.
A Wonderful Thing
Hasadri Freeman/PA/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/4:59
A girl receives the gifts of womanhood in the form of symbolic objects on her 18th birthday–dreams, traditions, questions– These all haunt her as she undertakes her first task as a woman.
Lucas Mednis/NJ/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/3:30
A psychiatrist diagnoses a boy.
Jack Sanders/NJ/USA/Young Filmmaker Animation/1:59 
While driving home, a teenage boy is frustrated by a tailgating driver. 
Annelise Ratner/Malaysia/Young Filmmaker Drama/7:16 
In the near future, the Earth has finally returned to a state of environmental harmony and sustainability that hasn’t existed for centuries, mainly due to the great strides and successes made by the Department of Green Renewal and their Green troopers. Award-winning environmental photographer Dallan Crow begins his day as usual, but during an assignment, he starts experiencing unexpected hallucinations.
Eye of the Beholder
Sarah Liu/PA/US/Young Filmmaker Drama/3:03
A teenager contemplates the meaning and value of beauty over a cup of tea.
Mr. Orange and Baby Snot
Kana Hutchens/IL/USA/Young Filmmaker Animation/1:38 
Lonely Mr. Orange finds happiness comes from the weirdest place.
Nearly Bungled
Lendvai Kristof/Hungary/Young Filmmaker Drama/26:15 
A grammar-school boy and his dad aren’t on the best terms. The man’s bringing up the boy all by himself. Their relationship is turning for the better, when a new girl arrives to the school and unforeseen illness makes everybody upset.
Neon 110
Jordan Brand/Australia/Young Filmmaker Drama/6:57 
When a hitchhiker, stumbling down a lonely, darkened road finds a gun on the side of the highway, his amateur vigilantism could lead to dire consequences for two criminals on the way to their latest job.
Cem Ertunç/Turkey/Young Filmmaker Drama/12:12

Machine that can fix his mistakes gets in the hands of our character who has always failed in life. But our character loses himself by getting addicted to this power.

Dominic Goggins-Rendón/CA/US/Young Filmmaker Drama/9:57

A late-night teen connection at a high school party is depicted from the memories of three different characters—Brooklyn, Caleb, and R.E. himself. 16-year-old R.E., a shy, soft-spoken boy, finds himself in a quandary, but who can help him determine what happened? R.E. is thrust into a predicament through his participation in a more lively social scene than his usual safe d

The Five Senses
Kerry Harper/NJ/US/Young Filmmaker Drama/1:34

A video poem.

The Fog Ahead
Kara Tsenov/Canada/Young Filmmaker Drama/4:40

A short comedy film about conflict between required choices and internal struggles.

The Ladder
Daniel Hurford/United Kingdom/Young Filmmaker Drama/5:23

A story of a man who discovers a very tall ladder after waking up in the middle of nowhere, he climbs it and is taken somewhere very unsettling.

The Sibling War
Jackie Thornton/NJ/US/Young Filmmaker Comedy/3:17

Two siblings start a long, drawn out fight between each other.

The Tunnel
Sophie Emma Wells/CA/US/Young Filmmaker Drama/5:45

The Tunnel is a student made horror short film about a boy named Peter
who is dared to enter the mysterious tunnel downtown. As he enters the
creepy and eerie tunnel, he soon realizes that he is not alone.

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