Filmmaking Workshops

Don’t miss these inspiring, educational and FREE filmmaking workshops during the 2019 West Chester Film Festival.  More workshops details are coming soon!

All are welcome to stay for our Meet & Greet immediately following our 4:15 workshop.

Documentary Hacks

Saturday, April 27, 2019 @1:15 PM

Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center Bar Area

Presented by Pat Taggart

Pat Taggart, director of the feature documentary Billboard Boys (iTunes, Amazon Prime), will take you through the entire process of creating a doc.  From story selection to conducting interviews, sourcing archival materials and the edit, you’ll get insight into every phase of production.  And what happens when the film is finished?  What’s the best way to get it out to the world?  You’ll gain insight to the marketing process for sure.  Attendees are strongly encouraged to watch the film before attending the workshop.

Pat Taggart

Pat Taggart’s affiliation with the West Chester Film Festival dates back over a decade when he and his team won the top prize with their film Charlie Applebee. Having written and directed both shorts and feature films over the years, Pat has gravitated to documentaries and recently completed Billboard Boys, a full-length doc that was recently optioned by a major Hollywood creative agency. When not behind the camera or cutting up clips on his Mac, Pat plays a lot of hockey and spends his time with his wife and two children. He’s never had a cup of coffee but loves chocolate milk (even more than his kids)!  Learn more about Pat Taggart and his production company Tag Visual.

After You Pull Off Your Shorts: A Filmmaker’s Path 

Saturday, April 27, 2019 @4:15 PM

Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center Bar Area

Presented by Greg Koorhan

Where do you want to go with your filmmaking? Got a big dream and want to know how to make it a reality? This workshop takes you on one filmmaker’s journey and shares the decisions and lessons learned, the ups and downs of getting a feature-length narrative film project off the ground. It’s an inside look that will give you a roadmap to help avoid the major missteps and launch your own successful project.

Greg Koorhan

Greg Koorhan is a writer, director and multi-year participant in the West Chester Film Festival. He is currently in pre-production on a full length feature film, shooting this summer.  Learn more about Greg Koorhan and Crossbow Studio.

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