2018 Young Filmmaker Film Festival

Our Young Filmmaker Venue is Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center Bravo Mainstage. The Young Filmmaker Film Festival is a selection of films submitted by filmmakers who are 18 and younger. While filmmakers from around the globe are welcome to submit, acceptance preference will be given to filmmakers residing in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania. The films in this block are in keeping with the MPAA ratings of G, PG, or PG-13. This showing is not part of the judged competition, and there are no awards for this category.

Agent Hollywood
Anthony Hobbs and Michael Forstner/MD/USA/Young Filmmaker Comedy/World 
Premiere/12:45 Agent Hollywood is a film about a kid actor who is also a secret agent. His days are filled with Hollywood, homework, and henchmen. 
After the Fall
Matthew Manyak/FL/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/World Premiere/19:30
While on a long journey north, a post-apocalyptic survivor is awakened to the sound of an explosion, and upon investigation, finds the hope that she might not be alone in this deadened world. 
Eye on the Future
Matthew Arkema/IL/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/US Premiere/15:15
Kevin has an opportunity to follow his dream of becoming a singer at Chapman University though; he struggles to tell the news to his brother and sister due to the recent loss of their mother and father. Watch the trailer.
Man with a Plan
Gabe Schmidt/OH/USA/Young Filmmaker Animation/US Premiere/4:18 
A bank robber with a master plan faces a wannabe superhero. 
George Hawke/PA/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/World Premiere/23:16 
Two high school students grow interested in their classes, relating the material to their respective love interests as the homecoming dance draws near.
Clara Tufte/Denmark/Young Filmmaker Drama/North America Premiere/21:37 
OverLove tells the story of teh 17-year-old Olivia, who struggles with anxiety and OCD on a daily basis.  Olivia’s OCD revolves around the fear of hurting those she loves the most, and it is concertized in an intense fear of hurting her 9-year-old brother, Noah, to whom she has an otherwise close and friendly relation. 
Kera McGovern/NJ/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/World Premiere/2:47 
A rebellious group of teens gets more than they asked for. 
Student Council President
Jackie Thornton/NJ/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/World Premiere/5:36 
Not all lessons are learned from books. 
Nicolas Cardenas-Miller/PA/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/World Premiere/14:15 
Monica Adams, a young teen wants to follow her goal of becoming a winner of the annual singing competition in her town, but when her boyfriend who was her backbone drops out on her, and she put down by the other singers, will she be able to gather courage and compete? Includes original music by 13 year old singer ‘Nora Goudie’.