Filmmaking Workshops

Don’t miss these inspiring, educational and FREE filmmaking workshops during the 2018 West Chester Film Festival.  More workshops details are coming soon!

All are welcome to stay for our Meet & Greet immediately following our 4:15 workshop.


Concept Through Distribution and Beyond: Documentary Filmmaking, Funding, and Distribution.

Saturday, April 28, 1:15 PM

Presented by Chris Cotter. 

In this guest speaking engagement Chris talks about what he learned about making films in developing countries, creating a successful crowdfunding campaign, distribution pitfalls, and how to keep the ball rolling when the film is finished.

Chris Cotter

Chris Cotter is a partner at Tailor Made Media, a commercial video production company in downtown West Chester, PA. In 2014 Chris decided to transition into documentary film and directed Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus. The film tells the story of refugees from the small, unstable country of Eritrea. Chris and his team traveled to visit refugees who have made it out of Eritrea living in Ethiopian refugee camps. Since completion, Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus has been screened around the world and was accepted in the UNHCR Refugee Film Festival in Thailand.

The Omega Workshop

Saturday, April 28, 4:15 PM

Presented by Steven Michael Studios

The team of Steven Michael Studios presents a workshop on collaborative process between a director, a visual artist, and an action choreographer. In this workshop, we will use specific action related raw and edited scenes from our sci-fi action adventure The Omega to demonstrate and discuss the complex creative and technical aspects of delivering a specific visual and emotional experience for the audience. Each artist will explain his own prospective on suggesting and making specific choices to be made to achieve the specific look and feel for the action style of The Omega.  We will be encouraging as many questions as possible regarding any aspect of the footage and information presented.

Artur Lago-V

After winning a green card lottery at age of 21, I moved alone from Kyrgyzstan to the United States of America bringing with me $2000 and a lot of Greek/Armenian passion for dance and theater.  While picking up part time jobs and earning educational scholarships,  I received my  AA in Dance and Theater from Santa Monica College and  transferred to California State University of Long Beach where I received my BFA in Dance and Theater in 2015.

Thanks to Gregory R.R. Crosby close friend and film mentor from CSULB, I developed a strong interest in applying my skills into a film-making process. In 2015-2016, Greg and I co-produced, co-wrote, and acted side by side in two short films The “Janitor” and No Fancy Ride.  Both films are being successfully received by film festivals nationally and internationally. We are currently running CineManiacs Short Film Festival with the podcast attached to it. One of my most recent and ambitious projects includes my collaboration with Ross Rubino, a visual artist from Philadelphia, and Steven Michael, a Philadelphia based filmmaker and CEO of Steven Michael Studios. Our most anticipated project a sci-fi action adventure The Omega is scheduled for a release in April 2018. All of the above is being made possible only because of the God’s, my family’s, friends’, employers’, and mentors’ patience, support and guidance. Without their love, I would never be able to keep on pursuing my selfishly selfless dream of telling the stories and inspiring other creatives to do the same.

I am honored to be invited for the second time to do a workshop at the West Chester Film Festival with my creative team.


Steven Michael

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love and a place of creative hustle. After high school, I embarked on my journey of discovering my true calling. My gut told me to move to New York where I could start fresh and get a new prospective on things. While in New York, I had a neighbor who was passionate about photography and comics. His creativity inspired me to get my own camera and start photographing. Since then, I never stopped. After years of building a name for myself in the fashion and beauty industry as a photographer, I knew I was ready to transfer my skills into film production. I now have the whole team of creative people working with me as a team of Steven Michael Studios, my production company based in Philadelphia and established two years ago. Our most anticipated sci-fi action series The Omega is scheduled for its screening in April of 2018. I am humbled and excited to have my second by now opportunity to share my experiences that keep shaping me as a director and a person at the West Chester Film Festival.


Ross Rubino

I graduated from Full Sail University with a BS in Computer Animation. My passion to combine both artistic and technical aspects of motion graphic design kept motivating me to explore every single aspect and software that allows me to bring my creative vision into my work. Mu hunger for exploration quickly took me in the motion graphic world of news and sports. Some of the companies I worked for are: ANC Sports, Lehigh Valley Phantoms Hockey Team, 6abc Action News Gallant Gamers, Alkemy X, Parx Casino, and Steven Michael Studios.

Throughout the years, experiencing pipelines from different companies using different and similar software, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge that helped me get where I am today as an artist and technician. Every project is an opportunity for me to keep testing my knowledge and growing my skill set. I strongly believe that pushing myself to deliver the best as an artist who plays a serious role in the story telling process is the key to my ability to collaborate with other creatives. It also allows me to stay up-to-date on current and future trends of ever evolving technology. I look forward to sharing my experience at the West Chester Film Festival from my most recent collaborative project The Omega produced by a creative team of Steven Michael Studios.